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Mavrisma In Vienna "Hera"

Owner: Camilla & Lars

Home: Skedsmokorset/Norway

Birth: 21.04.2017

Breeding: Not available

          Camillas own words:

Hera is named after the Greek goddess, with the same name. She is the goddess of the sky and stunningly beautiful, just like our Hera. This dog has a heart of gold but is a little insecure and can therefor be very vocal. For a ridgeback she is very social and likes to say hello to everybody we meet. She thrives best when given positive feedback and is a Rockstar at competitions. She genuinely loves rally obedience and you can see her transform into a champion with her chest held high, so proud of herself. We love our (big)little goofball, though she is not an easy dog to handle, we work together as a team, and she is the best team player.

Color: Lime


AD: 0

JME:  Clear by parents
EAOD: Clear by parents

DM:  Clear by parents

D-Locus (Dilute): Clear by parents

B-locus (Brown):

Dental: Correct full set

Hight: 64 cm

Weight: 34 kg

Health issues: Allergic

Mentaltest: K-test, Bulletproof

Dam: RLI N DK UCH Go To Gate 1 Cayenne

Sire: INT CH ISR GRAND CH ISR CH ISR JR CH Leopold Amnon Berezin Rich-Rach "Leo"

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