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Mavrisma In Tel Aviv "Tella"

Owner: Kennel Mavrisma

Home: Bergen/Norway

Birth: 21.04.2017

Breeding: Litter autumn 2021 - more information coming soon. Follow upcoming litter page "Here"

Tella is a free and very independent spirit who loves her family, especially our son who was born just a couple month later than her. Tella take most things in life with ease, she is a smart girl who likely will observe the situation first instead running in to trouble. She is just that kind of dog who the sky could fall and land right next to her, she would probably not even bother to open her eyes. This makes her a trustworthy companion in every situation. Moreover, for being a ridgeback she has more social skills than normal, and her kind heart makes everyone fall in love with her. This wonderful easy-going mentality is not only evident in Tella but also in many of her siblings. On her free time which is mostly all the time, according to her, she likes to guff around and her all time favorite hobby is to steel food, she also likes our outside adventures in the woods and hiking.


AD: 0
JME:  Clear by parents
EAOD: Clear by parents

DM:  Clear by parents

D-Locus (Dilute): Clear by parents

B-locus (Brown):

Dental: Correct bite, missing p1

Hight: 64.5 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Health issues: none

Faults: acceptable offset

Mentalt tests: MH-Bulletproof

Tella is from our first litter for more information see “in the city litter”

Dam: RLI N DK UCH Go To Gate 1 Cayenne

Sire: INT CH ISR GRAND CH ISR CH ISR JR CH Leopold Amnon Berezin Rich-Rach "Leo"

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