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RL1 N DK UCH Go To Gate 1 Cayenne

Breeder: Mette Nordeng Grønvold (Kennel Go To Gate)

Owner: Kennel Mavrisma

Home: Bergen/ Norway

Birth: 24.02.2013

Cayenne is our first ridgeback and this queen is a very special girl. She was born at kennel Go to Gate, thanks to Mette for giving me the chance on this amazing girl.

Cayenne is a sweetheart who loves to play and cuddle - just loves to be in the center of attention. More she is that kind of girl who only does what she likes (like most ridgebacks) however she loves action and with her high energy and will to compete she became the Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback club 2016 number 1 all-round working dog. She entered totally 6 different categories: Rally obedience, Obedience, Blood tracking, tracking, agility and show. She still enjoys training but most of all she loves running in the woods and our long hikes in the Norwegian mountains. Furthermore Cayenne is the mother to our first litter, she was a wonderful, loving and kind mother who gave them the best start in life – for more information see Mavrisma "In the city litter”.


AD: 0
JME: none carrier
EAOD: none carrier

DM: none carrier

D-Locus (Dilute): none carrier

B-Locus (Brown): carrier

Dental: Correct full set

Health issues: none

Faults: minor umbilical hernia

Dam: Exgate's Very Special Gypsy

Sire: CA CH Cataraqui Winter Solstice


Mavrisma In The City

Go To Gate 1 Cayenne: Outdoor Activities
Go To Gate 1 Cayenne: Services
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