Bergen/Askøy, Norway

Mavrisma In Frankfurt "Mmoloki"

Owner: Astrid Sunde
Home: Sogndal/Norway
Walk of fame: BIS1, RuBISS -19 (Norway)
Breeding: Not available


AD: 0
JME:  Clear by parents
EAOD: Clear by parents

DM:  Clear by parents

D-Locus (Dilute): Clear by parents

B-locus (Brown):

Dental: Correct full set

Hight: 67 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Health issues: allergic

Faults: none

Mental test: MH (Bulletproof)

Dam: RLI N DK UCH Go To Gate 1 Cayenne

Sire: INT CH ISR GRAND CH ISR CH ISR JR CH Leopold Amnon Berezin Rich-Rach "Leo"